Sharon’s Story

glcsampleplateThank you so much for visiting our Web site. We are just beginning to develop our site, and we welcome your questions and comments. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to educate friends about the benefits of a raw food diet, and that is my goal with this Web site. We will be posting delicious recipes using healthy ingredients you are familiar with as well as introducing fruits and vegetables less commonly known, such as bok choy and Swiss chard.

Growing up in South Carolina, I had a mother who made sure our family ate a lot of vegetables. We had meat, but I don’t remember it being the center of the meal. She did not buy a lot of junk food when we were little, and soft drinks and hamburgers were an occasional “treat.” Mom planted a garden in the summer with lots of fresh vegetables and made homemade desserts for us.

My love for food started in the kitchen with my mother. I would put a little pie in my Easy-Bake oven as she baked in her oven. I loved being in the kitchen with mom. My passion for preparing great food continued, no matter what diet I was following.

Despite my mother’s efforts to provide a healthy diet for us, I was often sick with fever as a child. I remember going to the hospital with high fever and never getting any answers. When I was six, my tonsils were removed. In my teens, my diet was junk food, and I was lucky if I had a bowel movement every ten days. I remember going out of town in my teens for 14 days without having a single bowel movement. Not until 20 years ago when I changed my diet and started my quest for better health did I experience relief from this bowel problem.

In 1985 my first daughter Christina was born. With my pregnancy I gained 95 pounds that took two years to lose. My diet was still very poor. A few years later I had surgery for endometriosis. I also experienced a lot of sinus problems and thought for a while I had allergies to plants. It seemed that I was sick all the time. It was by the grace of God that I found a better way. Often we just don’t know where or how to start to find answers to our problems.
In January 1991 my grandfather’s colon cancer had taking over his body. After leaving the hospital one day and wanting desperately to help him, I heard about the macrobiotic diet on a radio station and called a friend who owned a health food store. My grandfather died shortly thereafter, but with that single inquiry, I was on a path to better eating, and God had big plans for me.

I married and had my second daughter Shannon and gained 70 pounds on a macro diet, which took me only 11 months to lose. I started teaching classes and opened a macro restaurant.

The next life-changing event for me was my father’s cancer diagnosis. I cooked macro meals for him and he did very well for a while, but he became tired of the diet. He was a man’s man, an avid hunter who was more accustomed to eating a lot of meat and foods otherwise unhealthy. On the advice of a friend, I started researching raw and living foods. Two weeks before he died, he was drinking raw juices in the hospital, but it was too late for my dad. He lost his battle with cancer in January 2002.

I continued to experiment with preparing raw foods, and it was not long before I realized that I just did not feel good after I ate cooked food, even macrobiotic. One day I walked into a food store to get something to eat, and everything I saw looked dead; nothing appeared alive with energy. That was it for me. I began a raw, living foods diet that day.

For the first three years, I ate about 98% raw with an occasional cooked meal of tofu, vegetables, pasta or rice, and sometimes salmon. Most people would consider my cooked meals very healthy. In my experience, however, I found that the more cooked foods I consumed, the more I craved; yet eating made me feel worse rather than better. My next experiment was to go 100% raw, which I did for 3 years. Now my diet is 98% to 100%.  I can tell you that I feel great.

When I first went raw I lost 30 pounds. I had always struggled with my weight but not after I began a raw diet, only gaining 5 to 7 pounds when I would eat too many nuts. I discovered that I need to eat nuts in small amounts, and this has been true for most of my clients as well. I am learning, too, that even raw foods do not always agree with us, but each of us is different in this regard. For example, I learned that raw cacao, aka chocolate does not agree with me.  However I am a women and I do need raw chocolate fixes now and then.

God Bless,