June 19, 2015

Why I Went “Green”

Dear Good Life Friends,

Although we have different journeys and perspectives, we’re linked by a universal desire to feel well and learn new things. This space is dedicated to the pursuit of these worthwhile goals. Here, I’ll explore relevant topics, report on exciting events at Good Life Café and in our community, and pass on new discoveries as researchers and other experts grow in their understanding of whole foods. I also want to share “before and after” stories that will inspire! As I go out into the community I will look for these inspiring stories from people whose lives changed dramatically after they significantly changed their eating habits.

And so, I begin with my own story…

In 2009 I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. I suppose many factors contributed to the weakening of my body’s terrain. My grandmother died of breast cancer. I experienced long-term trauma in my childhood. I spent 16 years as a flight attendant, where many days were fast-paced, and stress levels fluctuated from moderate to high. I often scarfed down processed airport foods like hot dogs, pizza or nachos during 10-minute turns. So often, I had that revved-up feeling from stress as I wolfed down junk food while standing up. There was no rest, few nutrients, and little chewing.

One day a flight attendant offered to share her raw food. After I declined she advised me of my need to eat healthy foods. I shut the conversation down quickly out of disinterest. No doubt, my cheesy, sugary, greasy airport food was waiting for me in the back galley! It would be many years before I ventured beyond the occasional side dinner salad and can of Le Sueur peas.

In the fall of 2009 the plant kingdom made a very grand entrance into my life, thanks to a man’s persistence. After he asked about my eating habits, he told me that my chance of survival would increase if I would drastically change the way I eat. He gave me websites and videos and followed up each week, eager to hear what I learned. But I didn’t go to his links, and the videos sat there for weeks, unviewed. Finally I looked into it because he spent so much time and effort. I thought I’d visit a few sites and then politely shut down that conversation, too.

So here I am, hundreds of websites, books, articles and conversations later. I love to peruse the aisles in health food stores and hear others talk about clean eating, and how their lives changed. I notice that many of the regulars have little body fat and clear skin. They even seem more serene. Perhaps these outward appearances are indicative of body systems brought into balance.

I am now a believer! I have a high regard for the plant kingdom, and for my oncologists, and for every nurse, technician, and staff member at every clinic or hospital that has participated in my progress. I especially thank our Creator, whose brilliant ways are unsearchable, as evidenced by the complexity and interdependence of living organisms.

I never imagined six more years could be possible for me until I read personal accounts from around the world. Among them is the story of Columbia’s Norman Arnold, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1982. After he was given six months to live, he embraced a holistic regimen and is still alive. These jaw-dropping, spirit-soaring stories give us hope!

I realized that food could also be medicine and medicine could also be food (adapted from Hippocrates’ famous quote). I quit the Standard American Diet “cold turkey” during my second month of chemotherapy and targeted cancer drug infusions. During the last four rounds of chemotherapy I pored over more books and articles and struck up conversations as often as possible. Everything I learned drew me in more to a plethora of information that offered hope upon hope.

At each oncology visit, I was required to disclose every new food (herbs and all) in my regimen. Some foods, herbs and supplements can cause problems (sometimes serious or fatal) when combined with certain medications, so this was crucial that I reported and that they cross-checked.

After five months, the six tumors in my liver and dozens of cancerous lymph nodes no longer appeared on the scans. My doctor said what we were doing together was working!

During my treatments, before Good Life Café was launched, Sharon Wright delivered some of her raw meals. Her food looked as if it belonged on the cover of a classy gourmet magazine! People said her food was incredible, and they were right!

Sharon flows in a rhythm of love for living foods and a genuine care for others. She wants others to experience good health! She shares and teaches what she knows, whether one-on-one or at her gatherings of hungry-for-health listeners.

Good Life Café is a beautiful place, with mouth-watering, fresh, living food presented in beauty. Come find nourishment! Join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or for a bottle of fresh juice or a thick, satisfying smoothie. Join us for one of our lively entertainment nights! I hope you ask for me. If I’m not out and about, I would love to extend a warm welcome!

Anne Buck for GLC

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