Reality TV Filming

A few weeks ago there was some filming going on in front of our restaurant for someone pitching a reality show.  You have probably seen the movie Vegucated which is about three meat and cheese loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks.  Can you imagine a reality TV show about one that has transitioned over to the RAW food diet?  Would it be a drama, a comedy, or both?  We are betting that it would be a season full of laughs with lines like:

  • By no means is this FAST!
  • Day 6 of my juice fast and I am considering eating my children.
  • It seems like we had this yesterday, but its “like” something else today.
  • What is that smell? … I’m cleansing .. scary isn’t
  • If I hashtag my tweets as #RAW I seem to get a lot of www smack down followers.
  • No … uncooked meat and sushi is not RAW.

Go here: and put in some for your “G” rated, polite, raw comments.

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