Rawldo Plays Hide and Seek at Soda City June, 28th, 2014

rawldowithGermansRawldo went to Soda City on Main Street Saturday June 28th, 2014 for his first RAW give away.  He was wanting to be found by a street strutter while hiding out at a vendor’s tent so that he could give away a $20.00 gift certificate to our Cafe.  You can read more about the contest by clicking here.   Rawldo was hiding out at the Wurst Wagon, but unfortunately he was not found.  He came back disappointed speaking in German, words we did not wish to translate.  After a little sit down in which we explained that it was a new promotion and that we would be doing again he seemed to calm down.  We are appreciative to the Wurst Wagon for allowing Rawldo to spend the day with them.  He learned that all their items (except for the sausages) were vegan, how to count to 10 in German, and received a new Hat from Gerard the sausage king.  Rawldo ended up giving them the gift certificate as a thank you, but also stated they needed a good cleaning.  We also want to thank Soda City for allowing us to do this as well and their tweets and retweets.  Make sure to follow us and keep up with Rawldo, because next month he will be hiding again on his favorite street at his favorite market.  You can see more of Rawldo’s transformations by clicking here.

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