Anne Buck

 IMG_0479We are proud to announce the hiring of Anne Buck as Marketing and Promotions Associate.  Anne will help strengthen our ability to educate and increase awareness and knowledge about healthy eating, enabling people to make better informed choices about the food they consume.  This hire underscores our philosophy of hiring the best people with real world, life changing experiences to ensure we deliver the most relevant, impactful, and healthy information to you, our beloved customers.  Come on by and give Anne a big RAWsome welcome!

Anne’s Bio

In 2009 Anne Buck was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer. When a friend introduced her to the health benefits of eating whole, “living” foods, she researched the role nutritional excellence plays in disease prevention. Anne swiftly transitioned to new eating habits that still include an array of colorful raw foods, healthy oils, nutrient-dense sprouts, legumes, seeds and nuts. Now, as she begins her seventh year of survival, she loves to tell others of the restorative power of nature’s bounty.

Anne is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. After a long career in the airline industry, she discovered a love for writing that includes playwriting, poetry and song lyrics, essays, and children’s stories. She and her husband have two grown sons. Anne joins Good Life Cafe as Marketing and Promotions Associate. Look for her weekly blog entries here on GoodLifeCafe.Net and stay tuned as we will soon release her social links so that you can follow her journeys and learn a few tidbits of healthy and RAW information along the way.

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