Anne Buck

 IMG_0479We are proud to announce the hiring of Anne Buck as Marketing and Promotions Associate.  Anne will help strengthen our ability to educate and increase awareness and knowledge about healthy eating, enabling people to make better informed choices about the food they consume.  This hire underscores our philosophy of hiring the best people with real world, life changing experiences to ensure we deliver the most relevant, impactful, and healthy information to you, our beloved customers.  Come on by and give Anne a big RAWsome welcome!

Anne’s Bio

In 2009 Anne Buck was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer. When a friend introduced her to the health benefits of eating whole, “living” foods, she researched the role nutritional excellence plays in disease prevention. Anne swiftly transitioned to new eating habits that still include an array of colorful raw foods, healthy oils, nutrient-dense sprouts, legumes, seeds and nuts. Now, as she begins her seventh year of survival, she loves to tell others of the restorative power of nature’s bounty.

Anne is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. After a long career in the airline industry, she discovered a love for writing that includes playwriting, poetry and song lyrics, essays, and children’s stories. She and her husband have two grown sons. Anne joins Good Life Cafe as Marketing and Promotions Associate. Look for her weekly blog entries here on GoodLifeCafe.Net and stay tuned as we will soon release her social links so that you can follow her journeys and learn a few tidbits of healthy and RAW information along the way.

The Raw Truth 2015


What an exciting day it was as the raw truth was spoken.  Over 285 people showed up at Lere Robison’s 4th annual Alive Again RAW Truth wellness morning to  learn how to develop a healthy and balanced lifestyle thru lean and clean eating.  There were some great guest speakers, some life changing testimonies, all kinds of tasty healthy treats to nip on, beautiful vendor displays, and outstanding door prizes.  Some were there that had started their journey of healthy eating and were looking to do more, others that were ready to just dive in, and some that were curious and just wanted a little push to get started.  The road to changing the way you eat is tough, but the long term rewards, both mentally and physically can not be measured.  We wish all well and hope that the journey to clean and lean eating starts and continues so that you and your family can have that healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Maybe we can hear you talk about your life changing testimony next year that started at the the RAW truth this year.  A big shout out goes to Lere for a wonderful show, the hard work that she and her helpers put into to making the event successful, her support of Good Life Cafe, and the love that she has for helping change people’s lifestyles for the better.

As all know Sharon talked about her journey, introduced us to some beautiful living vegetables, gave us a couple of KALE YEAHS, and showed how simple it was to make ALL RAW, healthy, living chocolate balls and slaw.  As promised here are the recipes and a few pictures of the event:

aliveagainglcballs.jpgCHOCOLATE BALLS
(same ones you got to EAT)

3 Cups of Dried Coconut Flakes
½-3/4 Cup of Pure Maple Syrup
½ Raw Chocolate Powder or Raw Chocolate Sauce
½ Cup Coconut Butter

Mix together into balls and dehydrate overnight at 105 degrees.


½ Head Green and Red Cabbage, Grated
½ Red Onion, Chopped
2 Carrots, Grated
½ Teaspoon of Sea Salt
1 Tablespoon Black Pepper
½ Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
Cashew Mayo (amount depends on how creamy you want, see recipe below)

Blend Vinegar, Salt, Pepper, and Mayo ingredients together. Then, pour over onions, carrots, and red and green cabbage.



1/2 cup soaked (for two hours) cashews
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
1/4 teaspoon masa salt
3/4 cup water

Blend enjoy


Mother’s Day 2015


Main Street is for Moms on Mother’s Day!  Marion C. Garetty said “Mother Love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.”.  So to fuel our Moms so we can keep doing the impossible, we will have a RAW and vegan buffet for Mother’s Day from 11am-3pm.  A variety of casseroles, salads, wraps, juices, desserts and more for you to choose from, some ALL RAW and gluten free, some “cooked”, but all vegan, dairy free, fresh and healthy.  Nothing but the best for the queen of our lives.  We will be serving from the menu all day starting at 9am, but will close at 6pm so that we too can honor our Moms.  You can view the gallery below to see how mothers did the RAW thing in  2014.  Happy Mother’s Day to ALL!

Easter Menu 04/05/2015

We will be open from 9a-6p this Easter.  Alleluia! HE has risen, just as HE said!

Easter MenueasterMenu2015

3 Days with the Living Foods Institute

lfi4We are excited to welcome back Brenda Cobb and Jane Holmes from the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Ga.  They will lead you through 3 days of seminars and workshops, teaching about self healing, detoxification, cleansing, and emotional healing. These seminars will empower you to heal your body, mind and spirit, and will teach you exciting, new easy-to-prepare Organic, Vegan, Raw and Living Foods recipes to rebuild your health and give you a new lease on life.

Brenda Cobb founded the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Georgia in brenda cobbSeptember 1999 just seven months after she was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer.  She refused the surgery and chemotherapy that her doctor recommended because she had seen her own family members and friends diagnosed with the same type of cancers try the traditional treatments and fail.  Brenda set out on a journey to explore a natural way of healing and discovered Raw and Living Foods and Detoxification.  Brenda began her healing journey in February 1999 and by September 1999 she was disease free. One of her medical doctors wrote the foreword to her first book praising her for the healing protocol that she developed to help herself and others. Many doctors send their patients to Brenda’s Institute in Atlanta when other treatments have failed.

Read more about Brenda

What began as the biggest challenge in Brenda’s life turned into a wonderful gift to humanity.  Since opening the Living Foods Institute Brenda has expanded her Healthy Lifestyle Course to help people heal on every level.  She and her staff have trained thousands of people from all over the world with every type of disease from Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Candida, Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma, AIDS and Lupus to Multiple Sclerosis, Bell’s Palsy, Depression, Migraine Headaches, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and many more chronic and acute illnesses .  She has spoken to many thousands of people around the world about the benefits of the good nutrition and detoxification. In testimony after testimony people have found relief from symptoms and complete healing from serious diseases by following Brenda’s Healthy Protocol.

To date she has written 10 books “The Living Foods Lifestyle®”, “Colon Cleansing For Optimum Health” and “101 Raw and Living Food Recipes”, “Get Started Now For Good Health”  “The Living Foods Lifestyle Training Manual”, “Healing Fibroids, Endometriosis, Tumors and Cysts”, “A Plan For Health”, “Good Health Now” “33 Quick & Easy Organic Raw and Living Food Recipes”, “Essential Oils Heal Body, Mind & Spirit”, and she has a CD on the benefits of Raw and Living Foods and a Healthy Lifestyle.  She has hosted her own radio show, Living Well on WGUN 1010AM in Atlanta, Georgia where she has helped listeners learn about the benefits of good Lifestyle Habits. Along with the incredible Raw and Living Food recipes that Brenda is known for, the Emotional Healing Workshops that are included as a part of her training programs are so powerful that people say, “This course surpassed my wildest expectations for healing body, mind, spirit, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

She has appeared live on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX networks as well as many cable stations giving advice on healthy eating and living.  She has been a speaker at national and international conferences, festivals and expos and sought after for many radio and television appearances.  As the Key Note Speaker at numerous health and body, mind, spirit expos and the International European Vegetarian Congress she has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to take back their power and claim the perfect health they were created to have.

She was awarded an Honorary Cultural Doctorate in Therapeutic Philosophy from the World University in September 2003. She was awarded the Phoenix Award by the City of Atlanta and numerous awards from other organizations for her work. Even though Brenda never makes promises about what her program will do for an individual, many say they have been healed through this amazing and inspiring woman’s work.

Brenda’s mission to help “Heal the World One Person at a Time” is being fulfilled every day as the internationally acclaimed Living Foods Institute is now known around the world. For more information, to book Brenda to come to your area or to receive more information about Brenda’s powerful  Living Foods Healthy Lifestyle Course and Educator Certification Training, workshops and seminars please call 800-844-9876 or in Georgia call 404-524-4488 and visit the website at


janeholmesJane Holmes, Director of Living Foods Institute, shares a powerful message of emotional healing using the power of the words, the mind and the beliefs.

She is an internationally recognized professional photographer, featured in numerous publications around the world.  She put aside her photography career to join Living Foods Institute in 2000 and quickly became a favorite teacher.

Her many varied life experiences have helped to make her a well loved and respected mental and emotional teacher.  She has helped many thousands from all over the world, move through and heal deep emotional and mental blocks, so they may heal of serious diseases and create the possibilities of health for a lifetime.  Her humor and flavorful stories bring excitement and fun to the healing process.

She has the unique ability to help a person get in touch with issues that could be holding them back and making them sick.  Her loving and sweet spirited way creates a safe, secure environment for a person to finally let go and move into the great possibilities they were born to manifest.  She is able to help a person cut through years of buried “guck” in a relatively short amount of time, so powerful progress can quickly be achieved.  Her mission is to help people remember their greatness and express the real authentic self.  Through her teachings, she has empowered many to go beyond their wildest expectations, to fulfill their goals and create a life of joy and happiness.

Good Life Cafe will serve lunch/dinner at each event.  Click the links below to register:


Peas, Greens, and Cornbread 2015

glcKale“Peas for pennies, greens for dollars, and cornbread for gold”,  goes an old Southern saying and to start the new year we will try to make those words come true for you to start the new year.  We will be open on New Year’s Day from 7a-10p for you to enjoy some healthy eats.  So whether you want to kick start those New Year’s resolutions or enjoy some RAW or cooked vegan food during those all day long football games we got you covered.  Our specials for the day are:

Cooked Vegan Special: Blackeyed Peas, Corn Muffin,  Sweet & Spicy Collards,  and Sweet Potato Casserole
RAW Special: Sprouted Lentil Salad, Sweet & Spicy Collards, Carrot Pineapple Salad,  and a Sage Burger w/Gravy
Pennies add up, and dollars and gold are certainly welcome additions, but your health is a treasure you can not afford to lose.
Happy New Year from all of us at Good Life Cafe!
You can read more about New Year’s Lucky Food here:

New Years Eve 2014

nye2014It’s that time of year, whether you think of it as the end or the beginning, its time for a celebration and Columbia, SC has got it going on!  South Carolina’s largest free NYE party will be taking place in eye sight of our cafeteria.  Live entertainment by the O’Jays, Lefty at the Washout, and the Misterwives in front of the State Capital from 7p-12:30a, a kids carnival from 6p-11p between Taylor and Washington Streets, Ice Skating on the corner of Hampton and Main, and various races for kids and elite runners throughout the day.  Then there are the fireworks, the largest display in the two Carolinas.  Yes, quite an evening to say goodbye and then hello, one after the other.  With so much going on how can we not participate?  We will have fruit for all those participating in the races and will discount all of our fresh in house cold-pressed juices to those having a runners-tag by a $1.00.  If you need to take a break at some point during the evening, come on by and enjoy some organic wines, local craft beers, or some healthy RAW food to help encourage you for those soon to be made New Year’s Resolutions.  To get the evening started bring that special someone by for a RAWsome dinner date and obtain some energy to get you to that midnight kiss.  Or to end the evening how about a hot cooked vegan breakfast, while watching the fireworks?  Yes we will be serving waffles, pancakes, tempheh sausage, biscuits and gravy, muffins, tofu scrambler, and yellow cheese grits from 10p-2am.  That’s right we are extending our hours till 2am!  A RAWking good time is sure to take place starting in 2014 and ending in 2015.  Be safe, have fun, and we hope to see you doing the RAW thang on New Years Eve 2014!

A RAW Holiday Meal

ChristmasPromoteHowever it is that you decorate your table, a RAW holiday meal will be the center piece.  You can order your meal here by filling out the form below or you can call 803.726.2310 to reserve.  The holiday feast costs $25.00 and  includes:

  • Holiday Nut Loaf
  • Cranberry Relish
  • Wild Rice Salad
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Fennel, Candy Tangerine, Cranberry & Pecan Salad
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake or Pecan Pie

Eat it in one sitting, save some for later, or get in the holiday spirit and share because this RAWsome carry out is enough for two.

You can pick up your meal on Tuesday the 23rd between 11am-8pm or on Wednesday, Christmas Eve between 11am-3pm.  We will close  at 3pm on Christmas Eve.  Normal business hours will resume Friday the day after Christmas, 7am-11pm.

Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a Healthy Holiday.

RAWstock on Main Street

First there wabradsanderss Woodstock and now there is RAWstock.  Well not really, but the music scene on Main Street continues tonight and we are double booked and double RAW.  So come on out to the cafe cause the music starts at 5:30pm with The Once Wases getting you primed for the evening and they won’t become a real WAS until 7:30pm.  After a 30 minute break Bradley Sanders will start his rawsome guitar licks and will do so till 10pm.  So come on out and get tuned in to all that is RAW from the food and libations to the live music in the corner of the cafe.  Happy Hour begins at 4pm, so you can get your local craft drafts, organic wines, and our signature fresh cold-pressed juices mixed with your favorite liquors at a fair trade price.  Come join us for some RAWking fun.

Music Scene on Main Street Thursday July 31, 2014


Music on Main Street continues this Thursday as we welcome Chris Reed from 7pm-9pm.  Chris is a versatile guitarist and pianist whose play list consists of 60’s rock, blues, and folk, intertwined with some 90s’ alternative and modern day pop.  Since the age of 9, Chris has been writing, recording, producing, and performing the music he loves.  We are not one to get caught up in a particular niche as we have brought you folk, soul, jazz, a classic pianist and now a little acoustic RAWK and roll.  We promise your plates will not rattle and move but your memories of music history will.  Come enjoy some craft drafts, organic wines, or any of our signature juices mixed with your favorite liquors. While here, enjoy some RAW food to get your energy levels up to Chris Reed’s speed.  You can visit Chris on facebook here.

A RAWless News Flash


Many have made statements like or similar to “I do not have a RAW husband and would like to share a meal with him at your cafe”. Well ok, we HEAR ya.  Starting tomorrow Saturday July 25, 2014 and continuing on every Saturday and Sunday we will cook breakfast.  Yes we said “cooked”,  this means above 115 degrees and also means we can not say All RAW All the time, 8).  It will still BE HEALTHY, and that means all vegan and dairy free, with some items gluten free.  We will be offering plain, chocolate chip, blueberry, and banana pancakes, waffles, tempeh sausage, scrambled tofu, YELLOW grits, gravy, biscuits, muffins, and cinnamon buns (RAW and non-RAW). Real maple syrup and butter that is not butter, remember we said VEGAN and DAIRY FREE! These breakfasts will be served from 8am-2pm on Saturdays and from 10am-3pm on Sundays.  You can still order RAW off the menu or mix and match and say “I will have some eggplant bacon with my scrambled tofu”.  So …

We are still ALL RAW Monday thru Friday, and just plain healthy on Saturday and Sunday offering RAW food, but also “cooked” vegan, dairy free breakfasts.  Love you and mean it!

Again on Thursdays

The RAW music scene at our cafe on Main Street is happy to welcome Just Another Distraction this Thursday July 24th, 2014 from 7p-9p.  On their Facebook site they say that they bring musical bliss to the ears of their listeners.  That they do.  Tyler Stillinger growing up was groomed a jazz guitarist and in combination with Amanda Montanari’s beguiling vocals they create a musical blend featuring jazz, traditional vocal pop, and contemporary bluesey folk.  Bliss .. perfect happiness and/or great joy, something we strive to provide in our food.   Come visit this Thursday and let the ears and taste buds dance together in harmony.  Tyler has put a channel together here on youtube that YOU can HEAR here


Revisiting the Main Street Revitalization

In case you missed the Main Street Revitalization Ribbon Cutting celebration on June 25, 2014, we have included some pictures for your perusal.  It was a good time had by all and we are so proud to be a part Main Street as it comes back to life.

Thursday’s Continue

pharonpitman1 Just because First Thursday’s on Main is over does not mean rawking Thursday’s don’t continue.  We said we would not let Main Street fall asleep and a healthy raw meal provides only a part of that energy.  The remaining energy this Thursday will be provided by Pharon Pitman from 6pm-8pm at our little cafe.  Pharon is a wonderful acoustic artist who uses her wide range of vocals to add soulful twists to modern pop songs.  Even if you are a meat-eater this is a show you can not miss.  In case you want to sing along, we will serving Fireball Apple Ciders, composed of Windy Hill (York, SC) Hard Apple Cider and a “soulful” twist of cinnamon that comes from a shot of Fireball Whiskey.  We will also have red wine sangrias for those that just want to sit back and relax.  Main Street is alive and we are happy to be part of the RAW experience.  Until Thursday!

First Thursdays on Main July, 2014 the Aftermath

glc5Despite the thunderstorms and the holiday weekend we were still rawking with all the other merchants during First Thursdays on Main.  What a great time it was serving sun-dried tomato pizza samplers, lemon grass martinis, blueberry moonshine, orange creamsicle martinis, and firefly long island ice teas.  That was just a small part of the celebration.  Our guest artists Dawn Buskard Faber and Vennie Deas Moore were proudly showing off their portfolios and rightfully so.  We were so honored to have them as our guest artists for the evening and their visually stunning pieces of artwork. Each piece telling a different story of love coming from the hearts of the artists.  The evening was also a first for us as we welcomed our first musical guest artist at the cafe.  Chris Compton brought his owns songs to the event and showed his love through his vocals, captivating our ears.  As we said before it was an evening for the senses.  A rawsome thanks to Mel G. for the pictures and to all who participated.


Almond Milk & Loveland Coffee

coffeeDrinkeWe have recently teamed with Loveland Coffee and have taken their cold pressed coffee concentrate and added it to our fresh, daily made almond milk.  A refreshing jolt, good in the morning, throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

Beech Loveland uses fairly traded Guatemalan coffee beans in a 24-hour cold-brewing process that produces a strong, dense, rich, dark, and full-bodied velvety smooth coffee with very little acidity. Need more adjectives?  We compliment a shot of his coffee with our rich and creamy,  perfectly sweetened almond milk that creates a refreshingly addictive drink that will keep you coming back for more.

Available now in our grab and go cooler.  It’s on Main Street, locally made … Columbia, SC a famously hot happy family.  Make sure you keep up with us as we tinker with the love to come up with more concoctions, spirited and not.  You can find out more about Loveland Coffee by clicking here.


Reality TV Filming

A few weeks ago there was some filming going on in front of our restaurant for someone pitching a reality show.  You have probably seen the movie Vegucated which is about three meat and cheese loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks.  Can you imagine a reality TV show about one that has transitioned over to the RAW food diet?  Would it be a drama, a comedy, or both?  We are betting that it would be a season full of laughs with lines like:

  • By no means is this FAST!
  • Day 6 of my juice fast and I am considering eating my children.
  • It seems like we had this yesterday, but its “like” something else today.
  • What is that smell? … I’m cleansing .. scary isn’t
  • If I hashtag my tweets as #RAW I seem to get a lot of www smack down followers.
  • No … uncooked meat and sushi is not RAW.

Go here: and put in some for your “G” rated, polite, raw comments.

Rawldo Plays Hide and Seek at Soda City June, 28th, 2014

rawldowithGermansRawldo went to Soda City on Main Street Saturday June 28th, 2014 for his first RAW give away.  He was wanting to be found by a street strutter while hiding out at a vendor’s tent so that he could give away a $20.00 gift certificate to our Cafe.  You can read more about the contest by clicking here.   Rawldo was hiding out at the Wurst Wagon, but unfortunately he was not found.  He came back disappointed speaking in German, words we did not wish to translate.  After a little sit down in which we explained that it was a new promotion and that we would be doing again he seemed to calm down.  We are appreciative to the Wurst Wagon for allowing Rawldo to spend the day with them.  He learned that all their items (except for the sausages) were vegan, how to count to 10 in German, and received a new Hat from Gerard the sausage king.  Rawldo ended up giving them the gift certificate as a thank you, but also stated they needed a good cleaning.  We also want to thank Soda City for allowing us to do this as well and their tweets and retweets.  Make sure to follow us and keep up with Rawldo, because next month he will be hiding again on his favorite street at his favorite market.  You can see more of Rawldo’s transformations by clicking here.

Rawldo the Man

Best of Columbia 2014


We are humbled to be nominated for the Best of Columbia in two categories and its all because of you RAW foodies. Even though we have been in business now for three and half years our new location and presence on Main Street garnered a nomination as one of the Best New Restaurants in Columbia. All of the nominations deserve to be in this category and we congratulate each of them. The other category we were nominated for is Best Vegetarian Menu. Again all the nominees are worthy and we wish them all well. If you get a chance to vote please do so here: It is a tedious process so make sure you have about 15 free minutes before doing so. Thanks again for your rawsome patronage and we wish nothing but the best for all businesses that were nominated as the Best in Columbia in their respective categories. Continue on with your rawking day!



Father’s Day Menu Buffet June 15th, 2014


Brunch Menu Sunday June 8th, 2014


A View thru the Lens of Mel G

This past Mother’s Day 2014, Mel G who has a fetish for taking pictures of food for reasons unbeknownst to her came by and took pictures of our RAW buffet. Her view through the lens of her camera produced some great mouth watering pictures in a very RAW way. Thanks for the vegan shots Mel G. Our next buffet will be June 15th in celebration of Father’s Day. Stay tuned here or follow us on facebook and/or twitter to keep abreast of all that is RAW, Vegan, Dairy and Gluten Free.

Brunch Menu Sunday June 1st, 2014


Memorial Day May 26th, 2014 BBQ Menu

We would like to express our gratitude, appreciation, and admiration to those that serve selflessly, sacrifice their time away from family on a daily basis, and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms we experience and the freedom our children deserve. We will never be able to fully express the gratitude we feel towards you, the great men and women that serve our country in the military. The best we can do is pray for you and let you know that we honor you, we thank you, and we love you.

Below is our special menu for Memorial Day. Yes you can have BBQ in a vegan, raw, dairy and gluten free way. You can also order off the menu.


Brunch Menu Sunday May 25th, 2014


RAW 101 Class May 17, 2014

class051714PrepRAW 101, our first class on Main Street was held this past Saturday.  In our RAW 101 classes we talk about various equipment including blenders, dehydrators, food processors and juicers, and the ingredients we use or recommend covering; where to purchase, nutritional benefits, and why we choose to use them.  And as is the case in all our classes we hand out recipes, make the dishes, covering the process and variations that can be applied to those recipes.  Afterwards we enjoy the fruit of our labor.  Those that attend really make the classes what they are, sharing  their experiences and asking all those important questions.  Fellowship, laughter, and just a rawsome good time was had by all.  The following items were enjoyed:

  • Two variations of mango, spinach smoothies; one with freshly made almond milk and the other with fresh milk/water from a Thai young coconut.
  • Veggie Burgers
  • Kale
  • Tabbouleh using cauliflower instead of bulgur
  • Cherry Chocolate Brownies

Stay tuned and follow us for information on our next class.

Brunch Menu May 18, 2014


National Bike to Work Day May 16, 2014

biketoworkdayToday was a celebration of National Bike to Work Day, organized by Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC). Pedal’in Bikers met at one of these locations:

Publix, 2800 Rosewood Dr. biketoworkglc
Outspokin Bicycles, 3223 Devine St.
Earlewood Park Community Center
Elmwood Park (corner of Lincoln and Abbeyville)

and followed a guided ride to the State House and then down Main Street ending at Good Life Cafe where they powered back up with fruit and water. A Rawsome way to start the day.


Mother’s Day 2014

momDay Happy Mother’s Day to ALL!  George Washington said “My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw.  All I am I owe to my mother.  I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”  Many of us can attest to what he said as being true and today we celebrate and honor our Mommies.  Our Mother’s Day Buffet/Brunch began at 10:00am and will continue till 3:00pm and features “crabless” cakes w/tarter sauce, breakfast casserole, chocBallGiftMDBuffetfettuccine alfredo, various salads, lots of yummy sweetness and more.  You can check out the full menu here.  Our drink special for the day is a fruit punch mimosa and as always you can mix and match all of our cold pressed juices with your favorite liquors or just savor them as-is.  Remember all food items and juices are RAW, vegan, dairy and gluten free.  As a final thank you, all of our mothers get some chocolate ball cookies to take home or eat on the spot.  You make the world go round and we hope you have a rawsome blessed day.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your day.

Mother’s Day Buffet Menu May 11th, 2014


Cinco de Mayo Celebration

CincoDeMayoGood Life Cafe is celebrating Cinco de Mayo—or the fifth of May—commemorating the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867).  A relatively minor holiday in Mexico, in the United States Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.


barFoodflightsFrom 4pm to 8pm we will have tacos for $2.50 as well as  special prices on guacamole, queso, beer, and freshly squeezed watermelon margaritas.

We are also happy to introduce beer flights to our menu.  So if your are indecisive on your choice of our three state local craft drafts then sample several.  You can get four 6oz frozen glasses filled with tasty suds for only $8.00 during our celebration today and during happy hour on other days, normally $10.00.

Looking forward to seeing all for a RAW May day celebration!



Gray Hair and the Kentucky Derby


Yesterday we wished you a great 3 day stretch and today we are going to talk about the gray mare. Hmm .. you say? It’s the first Saturday in May and that means the “Run for the Roses”, the fastest 2 minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby takes place in Louisville, Ky. OK, we are not going to be singing My Old Kentucky Home and “mare” is a typo. Lets talk about gray hair, a great subject on a sunny Saturday and no better read.

Gray hair is a some what interesting and debatable topic. Genetics? They say that premature graying is largely genetic. Hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce the hormone melanin, which gives your hair the color, the more you have the darker the color. When your body stops generating melanin, hair presents itself as gray, white, or silver. (Melanin also provides moisture, so when less is produced, hair becomes brittle and loses its bounce.) So the amount of Melanin in your body can vary based upon your genetics as well as where you live and your ethnicity.

Diet? Poor nutrition is thought to affect the production of melanin. Specifically, that means getting to little vitamin B12, copper, iodine, folic acid, zinc, selenium, vitamins C & E, and the amino acid phenylalanine. Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet could help keep color robust and/or delay the onset of that sign of wisdom.

Other then going the chemically enhanced route, is gray hair reversible? If an individual is genetically predisposed to go gray at a certain age, maybe not. If the gray hair is caused by malnutrition, certain illnesses and medications, maybe so. There are hundreds of articles on the internet that go back and forth on this and that is the case with any subject matter. One interesting article talks about green smoothies reversing gray hair, at least for the author. What caught our eye in this article is the mention of Ann Wigmore, who went on to write many books on natural health and healing, including The Hippocrates Diet. She called the Green Smoothie her “energy soup.” Wigmore stated that once she started drinking these smoothies in her 50s her full head of gray hair reversed itself back to a natural brown color. While in her 80s (thats a healthy sign) her students cut a piece of her hair and sent it to the lab for analysis to prove that she was not dyeing it. She always claimed that gray hair is linked to mineral deficiencies, and when the body is able to boost its mineral reserves, the natural color returns.

We are not doctors, cell biologists, or genetic engineers, but we do believe in a healthy lifestyle consisting of exercise, yoga, massages, laughter, and of course a plant based diet. Increasing your intake of greens and other veggies, fruits, nuts, and reducing your intake of processed foods and meats may or may not help with that gray hair, but as we “Run for the Roses” we will place our bet that a plant based diet will go along way in improving your health; the seen and the unseen. Those odds we will take any and every day.

So as we conclude do you think that you will see a gray mare in today’s race? It has been a rare occasion that one has participated in the Derby. You know most horses eat their greens, carrots, apples, and oats! Stay tuned for our next article on whether it should be gray or grey. Have a great Kentucky Derby Day and many blessings to you in a healthy way.


Pictured is the “Bacon” sandwich with Kale and Tomato Salad.

Brunch Menu April 27, 2014


Vote for your Class Choice on May 17, 2014 on Main Street


Vote for the Class you would like to participate in on May 17th, 2014. RAW 101 is an introduction to raw cooking and covers style, technique, equipment, ingredient choices, etc. The Mexican class covers all that is Mexican in a RAW way. In both classes a main dish, a couple of sides, and a dessert will be made, recipes handed out, and the food produced … eaten!

Kale is a Star with Us


We love kale and as you know it is pretty much a staple item around here appearing in 90% of the pictures, is always offered as a side and is present in many of our juices and smoothies. We have also used kale in a dessert or two and you never even noticed! Broccoli’s leafier cousin, kale is a versatile cruciferous vegetable that can be worked into your breakfast, lunch, or dinner for a nutrition boost.

At just 36 calories per 1-cup serving, kale is loaded with vitamins A, C, and E, along with calcium and fiber. It also contains lutein, zeaxanthin, and other carotenoids, which have been linked to a reduced risk of certain eye diseases, plus it’s explodes with vitamin K, which helps blood to clot and builds stronger bones.

There is evidence that eating an extra daily serving of leafy greens can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and the greens have glucosinolates, which might help fight cancer and has been shown to do so in lab studies.

There is a warning that people taking warfarin (coumadin and generic) should know about though, because of its richness in vitamin K it can undermine those blood thinner’s effects.

Kale is a star with us, but don’t forget to eat all the other colors out there in the raw raw land of Mother Nature. The wonderful benefits can not be counted! Have a blessed day RAW foodies!

Easter Buffet 2014

Ever had a RAW, Vegan, Dairy free, Gluten free Buffet?  Well we have never done a raw buffet and there is  a first time for everything.  Definitely a live and learn expierence and we will be doing it again!  Doing a buffet provides those new to the raw thing an oppurtunity to try a variety of items to find out what eating raw is all about.  We had fun and hope all of you did to.  You can see what we served by clicking here.  Look for our next buffet on Mother’s Day.

Main Street Columbia SC Benton Henry Pictures

Here are some great photos of our Main Street, Columbia SC location from Benton Henry Photography. A fantastic photographer, you can see some other great stuff or ART on his web site:

“Mock Chicken” is Back for Brunch!

glcMockChickenWe are so happy to bring back “Mock Chicken” salad for our brunch this Sunday. This was one of our original menu items that we started out with at our West Columbia location and so many of you have not had the opportunity to taste our vegan, raw version of chicken salad. Today’s chicken salad is quite a bit different then long, long ago. As many of you know today’s mass produced or non free range chickens:

1 – Are fed large amounts of antibiotics and drugs to keep them alive in conditions that would otherwise kill them. These antibiotics make chickens grow so large, so fast that they often become crippled under their own weight, and another reason is to get them to the market in only 6-7 weeks time after being hatched from an egg. Its this type of antibiotic use that makes drugs less effective for treating humans.
2 – Studies are done all the time but in a recent one done in Dec, 2013 97% of chicken breasts tested have some sort of harmful bacteria and in an Apr, 2012 study 48% have fecal contamination. If it comes from a coop more than likely you will be eating poop.
3 – Chicken is loaded with dangerous levels of arsenic, which can cause cancer, dementia, neurological problems, and other ailments in humans and is one reason Men’s Health magazine ranked chicken number one in their list of the “10 Dirtiest Foods”.

Yes we are glad to have you back “MOCK Chicken” salad. Maybe we should consider a name change though?


From Peta:

From Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

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From Men’s Health Magazine:

RAW Kraut

On April 15th, 2014 we talked about “Burgers” and the delicious sauces that we put on top. Above are the RAW boys after doing the Kraut Trot. Our raw krauts go on burgers, mushroom rolls and many of our other items. Unpasteurized, fermented vegetables like this raw sauerkraut create an environment that is full of probiotics, viable enzymes and minerals which are important for a healthy body. The probiotic good bacteria and enzymes in these fermented foods help populate our gut and intestines with Lactobacilli which are really important for healthy digestion. They also help eliminate toxins from our body so that it can operate more efficiently. When the body is working the way it should, then you will feel great, have more energy, and look beautiful too. Eating these fermented vegetables can also help with weight loss and lead to more energy, as well as balance out the pH levels of your body. When everything is working as it should, you will find your immunity is boosted from having a healthy gut and you will start to really feel cleaner.

Other benefits include:
1 – Helps control cravings that you might have for sweets
2 – Good source of vitamin C
3 – Cabbage is great in helping prevent cancer and when fermented, isothiocyanates are produced that have been found to also prohibit the growth of cancer so a double whammy in fermented cabbage
4 – Glucosinolates are produced in the fermentation process that help activate the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes, and the flavonoids in it are helpful for protecting artery walls from oxidative damage
5 – Great for ulcers
6 – Aides the pancreas which secretes essential digestive enzymes into the stomach
7 – Fights candida yeast

We could go on and on. So next time you are pouring on that sauce and licking your lips because of the great taste, your body will be thankful to you and the Raw Boys.

Easter Brunch Menu April 20th, 2014

All RAW all the time … vegan, dairy free and gluten free!


Burger Day

walnutBurgerEvery day is “Burger” day.  We have a different burger everyday made from nuts, seeds, vegetables, spices and herbs. We then top with one of our delicious sauces and serve on a sesame seed bun …. uh strike that … a bed of lettuce. Pictured is a walnut burger and others that we have done in the past are thai, curry, “chickenless”, bbq, herb w/gravy, jerk, Mexican, mushroom, rosemary, tandoori, Italian, spinach, southwestern, pesto, sage, Mediterranean, Cajun, sun dried tomato … well you get the idea. Everyday is “Burger” day and its all raw all the time, as well as vegan, dairy free and gluten free.


Pictures of some of our burgers:

Indie Grits – Slow Food Festival

Sunday, April 13th, 2014 was a busy but fun day with brunch and our participation in the Slow Food Columbia at Indie Grits Film Festival. Top chefs from Columbia restaurants including Terra, Motor Supply Co. Bistro, Rosso Trattoria, Bourbon, Baan Sawan Thai Bistro, Spotted Salamander Catering, Rosewood Market and Deli, Scott Hall Catering, The Oak Table, Whole Foods, Saluda’s, Good Life Café, Our Local Catch, Charleston Cooks!, Jake’s, and Tombo Grille prepared beautiful, great tasting portions featuring local, sustainable major ingredients. It was a great time had by all and we were honored to have participated in the event. Pictured are Chef Sharon and Adam getting it done, our tacos and kale minimized for all those attending, and a picture of all the great chefs of Columbia, SC getting together.

Brunch Menu April 13th, 2014


Brunch Menu April 06th, 2014


SC Girls Pint Out Pair Craft Beers with Raw Food

GPO‏@megratuThe girls from South Carolina Girls Pint Out in Columbia or The dames of draft as they like to call themselves raided Good Life Cafe and conquered the craft beers and raw food.  Chef Sharon created a special sampler plate for the girls to pair the beers with.  They all had so much fun they are coming back for seconds.  You can find out more about their night and organization on facebook here as well as see some more rawsome food pictures.



What is a Juice Feast?

glcMassJuicesA juice feast is a way to detox your body.  When taking in raw vegetables and fruit juices, your body cleanses and repairs cells.  A juice feast is a great way to lose weight, improve your health, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, have abundant energy and feel great.  Using juice to feast is a great way to get vitamins and antioxidants and a juice feast detoxifies the body of chemicals and toxins.  When feasting it is best to get a wide variety of vegetables and fruits for different nutrients.

Good Life Cafe’s juices are 100% fruits and vegetables only and our juices are cold extracted with a hydraulic press juicer using 9 tons of pressure.  This hydraulic cold-press method of juice extraction provides a minimum mixing of air with the juices which results in very slow oxidation or decomposition. The tremendous pressure exerted by our juice press gently and completely extracts the natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements, providing you with 5 times more of these healthy essentials then you would normally get.

We offer several different programs when doing a feast and recommend 7 to 9 juices a day. For a three, seven, or fourteen day feast, the cost is as follows:

3 Days @ 7 juices a day $150.

3 Days @ 9 juices a day $190.

7 Days @ 7 juices a day $345.

7 Days @ 9 juices a day $440.

14 Days @ 7 a day $685.

14 Days @ 9 a day $875.


Consider this an investment in your health!!

You can read an article about juice fasts called Juiced Up (click) by the Columbia Metropolitan Magazine which mentions Chef Sharon and how she lost 18 pounds after doing a 20 day fast, as well as comments by others.

You can see a listing of our juices here

Vegan RAW Desserts

We talk about our juicing, kale and all the other vegetables needed for a healthy lifestyle. Even though we are vegan and serve raw food, you can still be bad, RAW bad! Daily we make a variety of desserts that will create temptations you will not be able to overcome, but hey its all good, using ingredients that are still pure and in their natural state. No sugar, eggs, flour, etc. All dairy free & gluten free, RAW decadence that will tantalize your taste buds. So come in and be bad, RAW bad.

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Happy Hour in the RAW


You’ve tried the rest, now try THE BEST Happy Hour at Good Life Café .  Week nights from 4-7, specials include:

  • Natura Cabernet, Chardonnay and Carmenere $4.00
  • All of our craft beers on tap $4.00
  • Our signature cocktail of the night $5.00

See all our beers and wines

Don’t miss the best happy hour in town! At Good Life Café we take the drinks you love and make them come to life using our cold pressed juices. Exciting flavors of exotic fruit and greens make our signature drinks crowd pleasers!

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